DR. YOUNG: Award-Winning Korean Skincare Review


Have you pen down your resolutions yet? Wishing everyone a Blessed & Fruitful 2016 and may all of your goals and achievements be met! I recently came back from Seoul and one thing I’ve noticed and am super amazed with is how Koreans have such flawless and perfect skin! Its like they don’t even need makeup at all. Korean skincare choices is indeed on the rise for many and don’t we all wish we could have flawless skin?

So what better way to start this year by looking good? Cause when you look good, you feel good – Introducing the award-winning Korean skincare brand, Dr. Young? To all the ladies out there, two products that I have been religiously using for a couple of months now and still very much in love with it: The Aquaholic Sleeping Mask as well as the 2P Pearl Brightening Balm. You should consider adding it to your list of beauty products!

Dr. Young is a technologically advanced and innovative cosmeceutical brand that was developed under the leadership of a team of skin specialists and doctors. The brand combines the skin nourishing goodness of natural ingredients with cutting edge skincare technology to bring us a skincare system that makes taking care of your skin a simple part of your daily ritual. Our skin is under pressure every day; be it stress or air conditioning, humid weather or external environment. With Dr. Young skin care products, taking care of your skin can be really effortless.

I really like how Dr. Young skin care products makes it really easy and effortless to take care of your skin! Launched in 2008, Dr. Young has 5 product lines on the global market including Anti-Dryness Line, AC Control Line, Protect-Prevent Line, Anti-Pore Line and Special Care Line that are targeted at various skin concerns. In fact, Dr. Young’s products have often emerged as winners in blind tests conducted on beauty programs!

Aquaholic Sleeping Mask

A hydrating sleeping mask containing Bamboo Water which helps provide moisture to the skin, leaving it refreshed and hydrated. Antioxidant effect & brightening effect of Vitamin Complex (B3,B5,B6,C,E) provide elasticity to the skin and make face-line slim. Also, it recharges the skin energy while you are sleeping.

How to use product

Night time, after cleansing and toning your face, apply a moderate amount all over face and neck and sleep. Next morning do wash it off with lukewarm water.

You can see how moisturising the application is. Do remember to leave it on & go to sleep!

What I really like about the Aquaholic Sleeping Mask

It contains multi vitamins which help protects your skin. As I have really dry skin, I can really feel the difference when I wake up. My face feels much more refreshed and moisturised. At only $33.90, it can last up to 8-12months which I really think is a worthy buy given the super hot and dry weather in Singapore.

2P Pearl Brightening Balm SPF35 PA++ (Dark Tan)

CSTM and Phyto-Oligo, patented ingredient, reinforces your skin, make your skin brighter with pearl powder, vitamin C, white flower extract. This is a BB cream without stickiness, instead light adhesiveness makes dark skin much brighter and healthier. Also, it provides fresh feeling on your skin all day long by protecting your skin from UVB, UBA.

How to use product

After basic skin care routine, apply evenly to face. (Forehead, Cheeks, Nose, Chin & Neck)

Texture of Brightening Balm in Dark Tan Color

BEFORE application of Brightening Balm (Dark circles & uneven skin tone is more visible)

AFTER application (Without filter) of Brightening Balm (Dark circles & uneven skin tone is less visible.  Skin is much brighter and sharper as well.)

AFTER application (With filter)

What I really like about the 2P Pearl Brightening Balm

As proven after application of the product, my dark circles & uneven skin tone is less visible. I really love the brightening effect which helps expresses my dull complexion into glossy skin. Furthermore, for a price of $27.90 you can use the product up to a year which is really affordable. Best part of all, you wouldn’t feel like you have a layer of sticky makeup piled on top of your face with no space to breathe at all.

If you interested in these products, you can check out www.dr-young.com.sg and purchase them at 15% off when you Quote “JAC15” It is really a worthy buy!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Meanwhile, enjoy the weekends and Cheers to an Awesome 2016!


Jacintha Wee