Happy Father’s Day!

To all the Fathers in the world, wishing all of you a Happy Father’s Day!
Decided to bring the family out for a treat on Father’s Day and spend some quality time with them. So I brought my parents to this awesome cafe called Bucktile St. Cafe at 104 Faber Drive (S)129412. It is pretty deep in, so it’ll be better if you drove or take a taxi in unless you love to take a super long walk!
Since its Father’s Day and I am dedicating this day to my Dearest Daddy, here’s a heart felt message from me for both you and mummy!There’s a saying, “you don’t choose your family, They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them” When I was much younger, I would always think to myself, why are my parents the most difficult people to live with & I couldn’t wait to shift out of the house and get a place on my own. However, growing up over the years, I finally understood it is definitely not easy being a parent & you guys did whatever you did as parents, setting those boundaries when I was much younger so I can grow up with certain values instilled in me. Although I may not be able to give back to you guys as much as I want to now, but I’m sure the day will come really soon, because Dad, having to see such a God-Fearing fatherly figure in my life, really inspires me that even the littlest things in life is enough. Not to forget as you always say, “If God is for us, who can be against us”. Thank you mum and dad for being the most genuine and selfless parents anyone could ever ask for. I love you both! Happy Father’s Day to you once again Daddy!
To end off this Father’s Day dedication blogpost, here are some pictures of the food that I ordered. They are well known for their super pretty and colourful cakes. However, i’m not a fan of cakes so I didn’t order any. They have some pretty decent ice cream flavours as well to go along with their specialty Blue Velvet Waffle. I thought the waffle was pretty normal but the ice cream flavours (I picked Speculoos and Coconut) definitely made it up together with their unique white cocoa sauce in blue. Super cool! I would totally recommend these other choices of food and drinks as well. Burger (as shown in the picture below, can’t remember the name but they only have one burger and it is under Mains), Pokio Mid Wings and Blue Velvet Cake. For drinks, the Hot White Cherry Tea and Coconut Lavender.

Thanks for reading! Sorry for the long hiatus, will try to keep this space more updated! Till next time (:
Jacintha Wee