Eagle Beauty 6D Eyebrow Embriodery

Had the chance to be introduced to Eagle Beauty’s 6D Eyebrow Embroidery and I must say they are now my recommended eyebrow embroidery parlour. If any of you ladies are searching for a place to do eyebrow embroidery, search no more! For those of you who have never heard of eyebrow embroidery and is interested to find outmore about Eagle Beauty’s 6D Eyebrow Embroidery, do read it here:  –> http://eaglebeauty.com.sg/service/eyebrow-embroidery/ or watch their video

At first, I was a tad worried as my past few experiences of eyebrow embroidery was really painful (I bled quite a bit as well) and I dreaded going back for touch ups. However, my vainity self took over my head and knowing that I can save alot of time doing my makeup as I don’t have to draw my brows anymore, I decided to just bear with the pain and get it over and done with . UNTIL……

I met the lady boss Jennifer who has about 30 years of experience in this line and I had the honour to have her personally do my eyebrows. (By the way, she is really gorgeous!) To my surprise, the whole procedure took about 45mins? (15mins for the numbing cream to take effect and 30mins for the whole procedure) I was so used to having to go through 2 hours of pain previously. So, you can really imagine how happy and satisfied I am with Eagle Beauty, especially how much pain I didn’t have to go through anymore. Of course i’m not gonna say it was painless and I felt nothing (Come on, it is still having a needle poking into your skin after all, LOL) But comparing it to my previous experiences, this pain is probably 1/10 of what I have always felt. Below are some photos of the whole procedure I went through.

Here the procedure begins…Numbing cream will be applied for 15 minutes

During the process…. my left brow is almost done​

You can see the difference, they are done with my left eye. It is definitely more shapely now and the spaces in between the brows is also filled up giving it a much more structured shape to the brows.

Now, for the right side!

 VIOLA! Both brows are now done!

 Don’t you think it looks so natural as compared to conventional tattooing of eyebrows? I really love the results!

 It has been 4 months now since my last touch up, partly because I felt that it wasn’t necessary  as my brows still look good and has not faded much as well! I would probably go back soon, but here are some photos which shows how natural it looks on a day to day basis. By the way, eyebrow embroidery can last up to 2 years.

Do check out their website and make an appointment today for a free consultation.


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Jacintha Wee