Beauty review: Lip Color Embroidery at Sunshine Brow Studio

So, what made me decide to go through with lip color embriodery? For starters, as you can tell from the before photos below, my natural lip color looks kinda faint and it would appear as though there is no definition at all. Plus, I am someone who doesn’t really like to wear makeup on a daily basis unless I have to dress up for events and functions, which results in me looking pale and tired.

After learning that one of my girlfriends, Esther who did 6D nano eyebrow embroidery at Sunshine Brow Studio –>Read Esther’s experience here!and seeing the results which I thought was pretty well done, she introduced me to Sunshine Brow Studio and I thought why not give it a shot since they do lip embroidery as well and VIOLA! Lip embroidery would also lasts about 3 – 5 years. Read on to see my experience with them.

The whole process takes about 2-2.5 hours. You will be asked to pick what shade of color you would like.. I was advised to take a super bright red tone of color, but I was hesitant and asked was it possible to tone it a notch done. LOL cause in my head I was thinking like uhmmm wouldn’t it be weird if I have permanent red lips? BUT! after seeing the results at the end of the day when it is fully healed, itDOES NOT TURNout like what I thought in my head LOL (You can see a really nice pinkish color, read on to see at the end of the post how my color turned out!) soDO NOT WORRY!My advice would be to pick a brighter color if you want something more obvious at the end of the day instead of going for light pink or pink coloured shades which would really defeat the purpose of doing lip embriodery, unless you’re really fair? But I guess, because I am pretty tanned, this was one reason why I was advised to pick a brighter tone of red. Thankfully, I didn’t reduce the color by alot so yeahhhhh it turned out kind of what I was hoping for and I loveeeee the natural color on my lips now!
Next, they will apply some form of cleansing liquid to make sure your lips is cleansed and after that, they will line your lips for you to see the how the shape of the lip embroidery would be like. Thereafter, the applying of numbing cream takes about 30minutes approximately. As much as it feels really weird and uncomfortable and yes! you will have alot of saliva dripping out like I am not kidding ALOT! But try not to wipe it away and just use tissue to dap it because our lips is rather thin, so you can imagine the pain of tattooing it without much of the numbing cream left if you wipe it away. This is a lesson learnt and I really regretted having wipe away the cream, so towards the end it hurt quite abit… For me personally it was more of the bottom lips, I guess because I generally have thicker lips than the average Singaporeans have (For me, the top lips was not painful at all.)

This is the end result after 2.5 hours, please do not be alarm (as the picture shown below) this is a very normal outcome of doing lips embroidery and as said my lips are much thicker than most people, therefore my lips appears a lot more swollen. You will then be given a mask and be told to wear them whenever you go out to protect your lips from all sorts of bacteria and germs etc…

I diligently applied this gel during the healing process 3 times a day to prevent the color from fading as well as it acts as a healing medication for your swollen lips.*IMPORTANT*For the first 7 days,

refrain from hot drinks, seafood, eggs and spicy food.

Gel price: $28

Some of the photos below isn’t gonna look very pretty, but this is how the process went for me. Honestly, in the beginning I was really worried as I took a longer time to completely heal as compared to the people around me who did it as well. For some people they were already healing on day 3/4, but for me, my lips was still quite swollen with cracked lips here and there which made me paranoid… (Refer to image 3). I literally went around asking a few people how their experience was like and was it normal to have lips looking like this? Thankfully, all of them said the same thing, to be patient and this was all part of the whole process. Phewwww! LOL, so you can imagine the joy I felt when my lips finally went back to normal except for now it has a really nice pinkish red color to it! So all is good now!
HEALING PROCESS(Takes about 7-9 days)

For me, this only took place on Day 6/7 but for others, this was like their Day 3/4 process. (Which was why as said above, I started to get paranoid)

Coming 2 months now and this is how the lips look just with application of the gel above. Loving how natural it looks and now I don’t have to depend on lipsticks anymore!

Sunshine brow studio87 Marine Parade Central #01-503B Singapore 440087
(It’s conveniently located just beside standard chartered bank, opposite marine parade shopping centre.)
Opening hours:11am – 8pm everyday
Contact:To make an appointment, call or sms +65-8606-4332
Promotional rate for Lip Embroidery is at $580 now. This price is inclusive of a 1 time free touch up which should done after 3 months but before 6 months.
Jacintha Wee