Happy Valentine’s Day!

Grow old with me! The best is yet to be. – Robert Browning

Wearing Trixie shoes in Iridescent Silver courtesy ofAnother Sole!

So, I decided to cook a meal today for someone special and for my parents! The last time I actually really cooked a meal was like 13 years ago during my Food and Nutrition class in Secondary 3. LOL So it took pretty much quite an amount of effort as I was so stressed not knowing what to prepare and was googling for recipes the whole night. HAHA
In the end, I decided to cook something easy for starters – PASTA! But LOL I took 3 hours to whip up something simple. Tasted not too bad as well and  all of them enjoyed this meal! YAY! (Hopefully, they weren’t patronising me) Maybe after today, I shall go back to whipping up new dishes as cooking is pretty fun! Thanks T for baking a neon pink cheesecake, according to him it was supposed to be in red LOL

Enjoy the rest of this Valentine’s Day together as a family, with friends, as a couple or even just treat yourself to a nice meal because Valentine’s Day is just another day of remembering that we should learn to say “I LOVE YOU” more and to treasure the people around us while they are still around, because life is short and you never know anything could happen in an instant. Soooooo…. GO SPREAD SOME LOVE <3
Jacintha Wee