Revealing my New Hairdo at Salon De Chiox!

So about two months back around end dec, I did Hair Rebonding and because I didn’t wanna damage my hair too much by rebonding and dyeing on the same day I did it on two separate days.

I did a darker shade of brown with Ash blue inner highlights & requested a much shorter hair length as I was really bored with my current hair.

I wanted a fresh new look!This was my BEFORE hair, so uneven, so dry so blahhhhhh….LOL I really couldn’t stand it so yea that’s why I decided NEW YEAR, NEW HAIR and NEW JAC HAHA!OMG! Hair looks so much straighter, smoother and healthier now!

So…. when I came back a few weeks later, this is when (I repeat) I dyed a darker shade of brown with ash blue highlights and cut it short!

You can’t really see the color, because I wanted something subtle in color and it was on the inner bottom part of my hair!

I tried my best to take it under the sunlight, so hopefully you can tell the difference in the last 2 photos!HAHA Trying out the comb curler myself, it is actually really convenient and easy to use as compared to your to manual hair curler!

Freshly Cut Hair!

Viola! Loving my current hair so much! Makes me feel younger again! HAHA

You can quote “JACINTHAWEE” to get a 15% discount! You really have to try Salon De Choix once in your whole life time, (after that one time, judge for yourself if they are worth it) Not only do they provide really good service, their skills is top notch as well.

I have been with them for almost a year and not once have I left there unsatisfied. I have recommended a couple of friends and my own sister to try out their services and they have nothing but praise.

Jacintha Wee