Secret Stash Singapore

As we venture into a more tech-savvy world these days, people are more accustomed to doing everything online. I am pretty sure by now, online shopping is likely synonymous amongst most of us. Myself included, for sure. I am guilty of shopping online more often these days, as we can literally get anything online these days.

Which is why I am excited to share with you guys a newly set-up Singapore E-commerce Company – SecretStash.



What is Secret Stash?

SecretStash is the brainchild of two guys who combined “Fun” and “Wants” into an online buying platform. Simply put, one guy wanted “Fun” and the other have the “Wants”. Most importantly, the two Joes wanted items to come at their “Comfortable” price zone.

To help you understand better, Secret Stash is basically an online buying platform where everyone can buy their desired items at a really comfortable and affordable price. In a nutshell, this online buying platform incorporates 3 main component – Fun, Wants, and Comfortable.

Fun – Anticipating, Exciting

Wants – Sense of Accomplishment, Up-scaled Lifestyle

Comfortable – Quality and Services Reassured, Prices lower than retails, Security


How does it work?

What makes SecretStash stands out is the way it works. Allow me to show you in a few steps how do they work, and how do you bid for the items you want:

  1. All products available in SecretStash will have a starting selling price which is from its retail platform pricing, pretty similar to major chain stores and retail stores that you see in person
  2. When you are keen in a product, each time a click on the “Drop Price” button of that particular product is pressed, a token from you will be used up, and the price of the item will drop. [Do note that it will only drop for 15 seconds]
  3. With the dropped pricing, if you are comfortable with it, you can choose to buy the product at that price right away. Yes, it will be cheaper than the retail price. [Once you decided to buy, there will be a time extension given for you to complete the transaction. No worries!]
  4. If you are still not satisfied with the dropped price, you can wait for 15 seconds for more like-minded shoppers to help drop the price further, before coming back to reveal the price again.
  5. The whole idea of this is to get the item at a price where you are comfortable to pay for it.

It is that simple! The key here is the tokens that you will be using to have the price to be dropped. These tokens can be purchased at SecretStash website.

The benefits and purpose of the Price Drop system are to ensure that you get the lowest possible pricing, for the items you desire. Talk about win-win situation aye!


What kind of products are available

There is a huge selection of products available in SecretStash. You can find Audiophiles items such as Bose headphones and Logitech Headphones to Tech Savvy gadgets such as Iphone X, Iphone 8, Apple MacBook Pro, etc.


Moreover, for ladies who love to shop, there will be a new section available titled ‘For her’.
This is where you can find luxury items such as Prada bags and Salvatore Ferragamo handbags.

SecretStash also assures that all items sold on their e-commerce website are brand new, and are in their original packaging.
This is to ensure its originality, and not be exposed to counterfeit items which can be quite similar to the real deal these days.
There’ll also be free shipping available to anywhere in Singapore.


Christmas Promotion & Discount Code

Given that Christmas is just around the corner, there will be an upcoming Christmas Promotion happening on their Facebook page:

Simply sign up as a new user given in the link provided in their Facebook page, and complete the next step, and you can stand a chance to win the following attractive prices:
1st Prize: DJI Spark (U.P $695)
2nd Prize: Playstation 4 Pro (U.P. $599)
3rd Prize: Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay E4 (U.P. $360)

Do note that the Campaign ends on 24th Dec and selected winners will be notified by 25th Dec.

Moreover, I have a special personalized discount code to share with you guys where you are able to purchase 20 token packages at 10% off!

Simply cart out with “JAC01” and you get to enjoy this really good deal!

I think what makes SecretStash different from other online stores or e-commerce sites is the usage of these tokens. I like that I get to enjoy the best possible rates for the items I really want or have been eyeing for the longest time, without the need to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

This is definitely something new but really interesting and I hope you share the same sentiments too! Go try out Secret Stash for yourself ( and win some awesome prizes this Christmas. Happy shopping!


Jacintha Wee