OSIM ULove2 (4手天王) Massage Chair Media Preview

Attended the media preview of the newly launched Osim uLove 2 (4手天王) massage chair a few weeks back and had a first class indulgence experience. With the event themed “Love at First Class” we were welcomed into a mock first class air-lounge and an actual first class plane cabin! Onboard the ‘OSIM Airlines’ with our boarding passes, we were attended by friendly OSIM Flight Attendants, enjoyed in-flight dining and of course, taken on a sensory journey on the OSIM uLove 2 itself. I really enjoyed the simultaneous massage on both my upper and lower body, think double the enjoyment, double the effectiveness, double the results and double the pampering sensation!

OSIM introduces its brand new revolutionary uLove 2 massage chair, the world’s first 4-Hand massage technology that soothes your body with four sets of powerful rollers to massage your upper and lower body concurrently. To mark this revolutionary milestone, Asia’s perennial pop icon, Heavenly King Andy Lau, is handpicked to be the ambassador of uLove 2 in Asia.

Here are some reasons why you should get your hands on the Osim uLove 2 (4手天王) massage chair:

1) World’s first 4-Hand Massage

The patent pending 4-Hand Massage technology features four sets of powerful rollers that massages your upper and lower body concurrently, mimicking the synchronised movements of two highly skilled masseuses – a synchronised double massage on the upper and lower body, doubling your relaxation, doubling the pampering, and doubling the luxury.

2) Patented V-Hand with 720 degrees Roller Balls

The Intelligent V-Hand™ Massage emulates the skilful techniques and flexibility of a masseuse’s hand for a realistic grip that extracts your deep-seated knots. The 720 degree roller balls rotate 360 degree in both directions, rolling along every contour of your body, elevating your pleasure and satisfaction to the next level.

3) uLove 2 Signature Suite

uLove 2 offers a signature suite of auto massage programs that are customised to your needs. With eight massage programs that addresses your different lifestyle needs, from Sports massage program to ease muscle tension, a pampering Beauty massage program to tone and firm, a Stretch massage program to loosen muscles and improve flexibility, to a Sleep massage program that relaxes the body and mind for a well-rested slumber. The uLove 2 leverages on its V-Hand™ and 4-Hand Massage to tailor a massage program that perfectly targets and eliminates your sore spots for an euphoric experience.

3D Surround Sound 

Your Private Entertainment Enclave 3D Surround Sound and a wireless Bluetooth music playback. The new and improved uLove 2 speakers boost a well-balanced and articulate audio augmented by a powerful bass that you can feel. Carefully positioned speakers provides a boast of a well-balanced and articulate audio, and are designed, positioned and optimised for the best resonance to pamper you in a cocoon of acoustic bliss.

A Design of Elegance and Sophistication

uLove 2 is designed with the chic contemporary in mind, drawing inspiration from magnolia and peony flowers; and a palette that exudes subtle sophistication. Each hue and shade is inspired by popular interior décor trends to create a harmonious masterpiece of a massage chair. With a spread of luxurious, quilted leatherette, uLove 2 is a versatile accent piece that complements every living space.

uLove 2 App

With the uLove 2 app, your favourite massage programs are just a touch away, and your massage experience seamlessly control led. Regularly updated and refreshed, the uLove 2 app also features complementary music that you could download and enjoy to your heart’s content. With its patented technology, uLove 2 allows you to sync new massage programs to address your and your family’s ever-changing needs.

For those of you who are interested, it will be available at selected OSIM outlets, roadshows and sg.osim.com! It is retailing at $6699!


For more information, visit OSIM website at https://sg.osim.com/ This will definitely make a great gift for your parents and loved ones! 😙


Jacintha Wee