Secret Stash Singapore

Secret Stash Singapore As we venture into a more tech-savvy world these days, people are more accustomed to doing everything online. I am pretty sure by now, online shopping is likely synonymous amongst most of us. Myself included, for sure. I am guilty of shopping online more often these days, as we can literally getContinue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Grow old with me! The best is yet to be. – Robert Browning Wearing Trixie shoes in Iridescent Silver courtesy ofAnother Sole! So, I decided to cook a meal today for someone special and for my parents! The last time I actually really cooked a meal was like 13 years ago during my Food and Nutrition class in Secondary 3.Continue reading

8 Best Weight Loss Foods

JWEE 8 Best Weight Loss Foods

I will be embarking on my work out routine with Amore from next week onwards and for a start, I thought I could do some research and write down as a reminder to myself  to only be eating certain types of food to help me stay lean and healthy.. (It is gonna be a long journey man, as I’veContinue reading



This is a super random post where I just feel like picking out a few of my favourite shots that I really like and have uploaded on Instagram. (Photo credits to the various photographers) On a side note, I need to travel more to capture the wonders of this world. Hmmmm….. ​Only if you’re interested, doContinue reading

Happy Father’s Day!

To all the Fathers in the world, wishing all of you a Happy Father’s Day! Decided to bring the family out for a treat on Father’s Day and spend some quality time with them. So I brought my parents to this awesome cafe called Bucktile St. Cafe at 104 Faber Drive (S)129412. It is pretty deep in,Continue reading

My Top 10 Airbnb Wish Lists

Hello everyone! How was your CNY? Hope you guys had an awesome time snacking on the goodies, collecting angbaos and most importantly catching up wth your family members and relatives! So, apparently AirBnb has some amazing and spectacular lodging  that you guys have to check it out! If you haven’t heard of AirBnb, OMG you are missing out!!! Go google AirBnbContinue reading

Reminiscing my Photoshoot Days

My apologies for the long hiatus, I’ll be making an effort to write over this space more frequently from this month onwards. Hopefully, I can think of more interesting content or just upload more pictures so I wouldn’t bore you guys. If you’ve anything you want me to share or talk about, feel free toContinue reading

Working Out is a Choice

I used to be quite chubby and plump growing up as a kid due to my late grandmother’s never ending feeding me with food especially with her home cooked dishes, it wasn’t possible to stay away . LOL So growing up, I kept eating and eating and never really bothered exercising as it was prettyContinue reading